Regina Daniels Reveals She’s Clocking 16 For The Third Time

It’s great to be aging backwards or not be aging at all but if one is existing against the laws of nature, there’s probable cause for alarm. It’s most likely why fans of teen Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, are a little worried.
Regina Daniels had a lot of her fans rattled recently when she announced she will be clocking 16 on October 10. With her growing career, Regina Daniels has managed to be one of the favourite faces in Nollywood and it helps that she’s young.
It’s probably why she never wants to grow old. For the past three years, the teen actress has been claiming to be the same age. It is unclear whether her sarcasm is just to keep her fans hooked or she’s just lying about what most people consider sensitive.
This time, she had a lot of fans dismissing her claims, saying there’s no need to make up age just to stay in the news. Some other fans however wished her well as she clocks 16 yet again.


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